Wednesday, September 29, 2010

College Pays Off...?

I saw this on Anna's Facebook and I HAD to do it.

photo via sheknows

"While it’s easy to find a college grad who’s unemployed, you’re statistically much less likely to be in that circumstance if you have a higher level of education," said Sandy Baum. Yayyyyy. Well, I knew I was paying a school money that I don't have for a reason. Especially since I'm studying abroad, I'm really feeling the pain of it all. The article questions whether college is worth it, considering the cost. In some cases, it isn't. Some people end up either becoming a housewife/mom (MY WORST NIGHTMARE), or go into a field that has absolutely no relation to what they went to school for (ex. any trade). It depends on who you are, I suppose. I can't say where I'll end up at all. I may or may not do jewelry. I just know I love it a lot more. Certain aspects of it, anyway.

It sounds ridiculous when you spell it out. I changed my major and will be paying about $30,000 by graduation, just to say "oh that was fun. Now what the fuck am I going to do for a job?" So would it be worth it? I suppose it will be. I feel like it is now because despite all the stress, all the experiences I've had have been amazing. I learned a lot about myself, about cultures, about all the beauty in the world, and how to make it myself. Sure, I didn't save somebody's life but that's left for someone else because I can't do it. Everyone has their niche.

And as the end of the article says, there are things that happen to you in college that make you much more likely to adopt healthier living behavior. Those things would be all the people I've met in the field that I've worked in. Everyone is all about living healthy and clean, and about making the world a better place through art and design (aka, happiness and general better living). So I suppose yes, I can say it's worth it. Had I not gone to college, I would never have discovered any of this.


  1. I kinda want to end up as a stay at home dad :D Where are you studying abroad??

  2. A stay at home dad with hobbies of glass blowing and sculpting I'm sure. I'm going to Italy!!! :) Ever been??