Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1 Day in the Studio.

Hey lovers.

Via nytimes.com

Long story short- a girl who was apparently at risk (for her health/life) was not checked up on by the welfare agency, and was abused and neglected by her mother. She died at 18 pounds, only four years old.

An infant is born at around 5-6 pounds (at least I was). Imagine just a bit over three infants being a four year old. That is unbelievable. This grabbed me because I have this huge passion for children since it is the truest form of love for me. The relationship between a parent and child is unmatched by any other kind of relationship, and to see things happen like this makes me lose more hope in humanity.

At the same time, I believe in the inherent good of people so when this sort of situation arises, I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is something wrong with the person. How else can you explain abusing the child you should be loving unconditionally? I could go on for days about the importance of family and what a phenomena it is to me...

My favorite boy, Luca :)
Erin put the flower he gave her behind her ear so he decided to do the same.
Via Lindsey Scarpulla's sister-in-law... This is Lindsey's little bugger. I missed a chunk of him growing up but I still feel like he's my own boy. :) This is the part I show my womanly weakness... the love between Linds and Luca melts my heart. Also Luca is the cutest baby ever and will be the biggest heartbreaker ;)

Now instead I will continue with my updates.

It's so cold. Penguin pajamas!

As per Dawn's suggestion, I've made a huge cup of [jump]rings. The copper will be patinated black and I'll connect it to a silver chain. Then I'll be getting a foot of silver wire (12 gauge) for the [jump]rings to replace the brass maquette ones. The iPod and phone are for size referencing. The tiny one at the top is about the size of the rings. I love the big chunky one though. :)

I finally got my first pressing for the JIII project. I'm going to chase it. Initially, I was going to solder it to a flat surface until today when I considered having a pierced plate on the back... Jan DID say to go with the flow and improvise, yes? I just have to decide if it is relevant to my initial design goal.

These are my sample pressings. I ended up loving the forms and I definitely want to make something out of it. The second one popped because of the little intrusions I put in the die space but I LOVE it! I was talking briefly to Brianna about having popped die forms... I'd love to make intentional breaks.

Hinge!!!! It was easy! I knocked it out in a few easy hours. The only frustrating part was filing a cradle for the hinge to sit in because the space was so small but I finished it. I was worried I was doing something wrong because I heard of people spending 7 hours or something, and getting horribly pissed off when I had such a chill time doing it. I suppose I was just in greater spirits.

Just needs one more heating to reflow a tiny bit of solder and some polishing of the scribe lines. :) I wish I could actually use this for my current project. I'm definitely keeping this around for future use though. It turned out great (in my opinion).

This week is going to be a whole week of work. I have lots to do and lots of opportunity. I can take the car for a part of this weekend after dinner with David, Susan, and my parents. :) And then Saturday night I can probably spend in the studio until Sunday. I LOOOOOVE studio privileges. Amy and I were talking about the sheer awe we had for everything Jan collected.

All that being said, I should go to sleep (2:30AM, already?!) so I can get up, go buy socks... take care of my study abroad shit, and work in the studio until the sun starts to set.

Speaking of study abroad... I started a new blog about traveling. HIT IT



  1. Yea! you are who I built the studio for...use it, love it
    it is an amazing opportunity

  2. This is going to be great! This is gonna turn out really well.