Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sisters and Happiness - Understanding the Connection

Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier

This is a slightly different kind of article than I usually have up.

Me and Christine

Me and Cecilia

Emma (Melody, Emma's baby girl) and Morgan

This is kind of funny because we just talked about something like this in our Sexuality in a Diverse Society class (which I failed the test to with a 64% because I literally didn't have time to study YAY). Women are more inclined to talk about their emotions and feelings and all that jazz that I hate putting a label on. I do like to talk about my "feelings" but not in the same sense as everyone else. I hate saying "feelings" because it sounds so... weak hahaha even though that is what I do when I talk to my sisters or close friends.

In any event, women are more inclined to be more emotional. Therefore, sisters (who talk) are more inclined to talk to each other about their problems, successes, and everything in between. So what about brothers? Basically, if they talked to each other, they could be happier too, but they aren't necessarily unhappier. If that makes any sense.

We women also talk about all the details of our lives that men find trivial. And when I say "we," I'm just putting a general blanket on "us." Because I sure as hell don't say more about my new clothes than "I got new clothes. They're pretty sweet/cute." I think. I don't go on about how adorable they'd be with this that and the other. I talk a lot more about well... school and food... hahaha.

But as in any other situation, it is lovely to talk to people about deeper things. I find it to be a huge load off my chest if I'm talking about things that stress me out, whether it be about my HUGE artistic conflicts in my major or my "romantic" life (another term I hate using). And not to say men can't talk about it... I talked to Tai about a big thing on my mind, and actually, Scott is the only one I have told everything to and consistently talk to him about it.

Tai is less traditionally masculine being gay, so he doesn't necessarily apply, along with the subject matter I talk to him about because we relate in a way that blurs the line between genders. But Scott is straight through and through, and he knows a world more than my sisters do.

I suppose Scott is in addition to my sisters making me happy.

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