Thursday, December 10, 2009

Study Break; Update, Yeah?

Hey lovers.

AHH I should be studying but I'm so burnt out. Quickie.

That's the bracelet I made in the beginning of the semester. I wanna do one more thing and cut more pieces off so it's not like a rectangle with shapes cut out. I might do that in the next few days after the worst finals are over.

Drawing on Illustrator. Imagine cutting this out of a 60mm x 10mm piece of flimsy silver. I broke it in a couple of places but no one could tell after I soldered it.

These are the Rhino renderings that Christine helped me do haha. Beauuuutiful.

This is the actual ring after it was all done.

Annnnd everything I made. the Green Lantern ring was for Sam. I'm gonna try to hammer out an ichthys ring for Meg for Christmas this week. It shouldn't be that hard at all.

Sam's sculpture out of paper towels and glue.

I'm currently working a montage-y type music video. I really wanted to finish it in a week but I think I'm taking on too many projects especially with how much I have to be studying.


The best holiday is coming up.


With all this fever in my mind
I could drown in your kerosene eyes
You're just a riddle in the sky
Oh where do my bluebird fly.
"Where Do My Bluebird Fly"- The Tallest Man On Earth

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too Long.

Hey lovers.

Ehh. Not the greatest night. Anyways, I've been all too busy to update this in the past couple of weeks.

So I got my Ponoko project:

Honestly, it sucked hah I don't like it. The hanging pieces are too far apart, a tiny piece snapped, and I forgot to make one of the hanging pieces longer.

I wish I could redo it but it was so expensive.

Spot Sam's Green Lantern symbol? :) And my anchors, and Kelsey's name, and my bird?

And as for my tea infuser? SO difficult. I made a cone which was apparently, the hardest shape to make, and I don't think anyone could appreciate that until they do it themselves hah. The tip had to be hammered together to be soldered but that was really difficult because it was so tiny so the seam was hard to get together at the tip.

But here it is. Unsoldered. Except you can't tell.

I had a different idea in mind... I wanted the bottom to be a dome, and I wanted the cone to be skinnier, taller, and generally more sleek but in the interest of time, I'm glad I didn't do it because that would have been next to impossible. A wide cone was hard enough.

Oh well. I had my experience and learned things. I still have to figure out HOW that bottom is gonna be tension fitted to the lid. GSHFdjkgh

In other news, I woke up this morning to an absolutely gorgeous sunrise, made 3 dozen cookies and about a hundred or whatever candies for the women I work with.

This was definitely a learning process too, to say the least. Good lord, it took me hours! I was working on it from 5 to almost 10. But I LOVED it, I really missed working in my kitchen, my mom can definitely tell you that.

I hope tomorrow's morning is as beautiful as today's was. :) It really got me up and around this morning. I made coffee.

Bed time. I have lots to do tomorrow. I gotta do my Rhino design of my ring, clean up my room (which would be the upstairs living room and kitchen hahah), and try to clean up my real room before break.

I don't want this semester to end, it's been all too wonderful. I've met so many great people and gotten close to so many friends. I don't want to lose touch with people I've met just because we're not in class together anymore. Well, I'm definitely gonna try to hang on. Some people are too wonderful and intriguing to let slip away. :)


I'll make you mixtape that's a blueprint of my soul
It may sound grand but babe it's all you need to know

I'll make you a mixtape that will charm you into bed
It details everything that's running 'round my head

Fondling record and play

Without you it's records night and day

This ain't no disc of MP3's

This one's handmade, fashioned lovingly

Plant the rhythm in your bones

You're the only angel in headphones
My love can paint a million tones

From Nine Inch Nails to Louis Armstrong

So resurrect your stereo
And the swathes of melodies will flow
Thelonious, Maurizio
I tell you babe it will make my heart glow
-Mixtape, Jamie Cullum

He writes some of the most amazing lyrics I've ever heard/I'll ever hear. This is probably one of my favorites by him.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hey lovers.

I went with the second one, and here it is, along with the band ring:

:) I was proud of the way it turned out. I was nervous it would get messed up but it turned out great! The sweat joint could have been better but when I make Sam's Green Lantern ring, it'll be better.

It was a great weekend. I started working in the studio on Friday night to finish the rings and about that- I LOVE working in the studio! It's so relaxing and therapeutic. I wish I had a dark room to work in at home- that's what it reminded me of. I mean there was a lot of noise going on but it was just all about the work. I loved it. It was oddly soothing. Hah.

And then we played Sardines all over the CFA until 2AM and it made me realize how much I loved that building. I found places I never knew were there before, and now I wanna have a photo shoot with Sam late at night in some of the rooms. Especially the ballet-style room.

I also found this. It was just randomly posted on some door frame on the second floor down the hall from the art history lecture room. I dunno, just though it was interesting.

And then I went ice skating Saturday night, and went adventuring with Kels today and found a marina. It was so relaxing- another beautiful day! :)

I love sunny days.

I spent the rest of the day studying and working on my sketches and maquettes for Jewelry. I'll probably put up pictures once I do my metal maquette.

This is another one of my favorites from Javier Pacheco.

Give Me The Hand To Feel

You have GOT to click on it and see it larger- the highlights in the hand are absolutely amazing.

I'm sleeeeeeeepy.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Which One??

Hey lovers.

Opinions needed!!! WHICH ONE!?

This one,

or this one?
I'll probably file down the silver plate smaller to be more rounded.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plans, Plans.

Hey lovers.

It was beautiful today!!! I woke up later than usual because my one class was canceled. I slept in for the first time in weeks, and stayed asleep the whole time. I woke up at about 11:30 and gosh it was a gorgeous day, I couldn't stop smiliny!!!

First things first. I got bored/I was desperately procrastinating last night during my art history paper writing, so I made this.

I splurged. Guess how much it all cost me though. 45 buckaroos. I'd like to say it's damn good for a dress, shirt, skirt, cardigan, and suspenders. Lace suspenders, at that! I've ALWAYS wanted suspenders, and I'm in this weird thing where I'm in love with plaid. I was also obsessed with gingham button down shirts but never got one. :(

So, since about a month ago when I ran into something new, I had this sort of epiphany. Basically, something was telling me that I was wasting my life, that I needed to make bigger and better plans for myself because there are so many things that I need to experience. It was a combination of things. I was always hearing stories from my customers at work, telling me about all their travels and lives that seemed to leak from movies. I was always hearing about what Christine had done, about her travels and work. I was always staring at photos of beautiful things and places, and the final brick hit me in the face almost exactly one month ago.

Since then, my head has been collecting a number of things.

I had been the worst art student ever. I felt guilty that I was getting all these great teachers and classes that Sam envied me for, and I wasn't taking advantage of it. I started seeing all of these great things someone I knew was doing and fell completely and utterly in love with these ideals... and I decided it was time. She was doing everything she loved and she was happy, she was living that life of the artist and I guess being able to see it more up close and personal made me snap.

So I took much more care in my projects. I spent so many hours outside of class working on projects (and admittedly neglected some gen. ed. studies that I shouldn't have) and really worked on everything. And for the first time in... ever... I genuinely loved art history. At least the periods I was studying.

I found a completely new appreciation for the works we were learning about and for everyone else's work around me. It feels great and I really feel like I've got that passion in my life again. And that passion that I envied every other artist for. I lost it for photography when I lost my high school dark room but even photography has picked up again a bit. Digital isn't as hands-on or fun as black and white but then again, they're both amazing in their own ways.


I've got so many plans. I'm going to California this summer with Sam to really explore our soon-to-be territory. For grad school and all that. But just to travel. Since I went back for the first time almost a year ago, I completely fell in love with travel. I love unfamiliar territory, as long as someone else is there to get lost with me. :P

That being said, there are so many other things I've started saving up for (or have budgeted to save for). I'm not blowing smoke when I say this, I'm going to visit these places.

1. California for 2 weeks with Sam
2. New York with Alex for 1 week
3. Chicago
4. Iceland?
5. London for a semester
6. Cancun in 2 years
7. Cross-country road trip next summer to CA?
8. Italy with mom and Christine in a couple of years
9. Australia/New Zealand eventually

I figure I should make it my goal to do these things within 6 years, except Australia might be much further off. Italy is in question too but my mom has always wanted to go.

Iceland is a new development. Christine G. told me that this girl has beautiful pictures of Iceland. I always had heard it was beautiful... but I saw these pictures and fell completely in love. I want to experience a hot spring!!

A cross-country trip is another thing in question. It's expensive as a mofo, especially if we take it as slow as I'd like to- visiting random places, eating in classic diners, etc... However, Christine G. mentioned a website that lists people who are open to letting cross-country explorers like us crash their couch for a night? Fantastic.

Cancun is a big trip that I'm hoping all of us will be able to take. My money situation might actually work out if I plan carefully. There's gonna be hella hostels to look up in all of these places. I can't wait though. For each place I go to, I'm going to make a goal list to check off and do every thing unique to each place. Museums, shows, and even parties ;)

I wanna be able to do this to my suitcase... cover it in travel stickers.

Money is the only issue. I need another job... how am I gonna do this with my schedule though? Classes keep me so busy, and working with my mom at her salon is exhausting enough. Sacrifices, sacrifices, yeah? Maybe I should get a seasonal job and just go completely nuts with it hah. I just have to make sure I have time for the studio (jewelry) and studying and all that grand stuff. I might just suck it up and work Fridays and Saturdays after the salon, and Sundays.

Time management. And coffee. Lots of it.

I mean I can't make my dreams come true without working ridiculously hard at it, yeah?

Aside from traveling, I want to try a lot of other things that I had never been interested in or just ignored.
1. Rock climbing 2. Sailing/Boating 3. Camping (I SUPPOSE haha now that it's not mosquito-y) 4. Day at the harbor (aquarium, port discovery, science center, dinner, shopping) 5. Day in Washington DC (soooo many things) 6. Jet skiing

It's just all very very costly.

And goals to do that I've had for a longer time? Some of these things are easier now that I've gotten older and gotten more privileges, or I will in a couple of years:
1. Costume party/masquerade party 2. Spontaneous road trip to Ocean City 3. Birthday party at a rented hall! 4. A legit red/white checkered blanket, wicker basket., juice and sandwiches picnic 5. A REALLY fantastic 3-course dinner party complete with suits and dresses ;)

We'll see how far I get with this.

I also want to pick up an accent haha. Scottish, Irish, or Australian.

Alright, I don't have any new work... I'm gonna work on my rings and stuff tomorrow, probably, or Thursday night so maybe by this Sunday I'll have something more. However here's a quick thing I decided to try out- a faux reflection.

I also found this person, Javier Pacheco on Abduzeedo with BEAUTIFUL illustrations- they're absolutely gorgeous!! This was my favorite:


I can't get over how much I love his stuff. I think I especially liked this one because the nose ring is such a great detail. Definitely check out that Abduzeedo link, it goes to his feature. There are other pictures with amazing highlights that I can't get over. I'll probably post it next time- I think I gotta get to studying.


I love the way they shine
I love the fantasy

I love to stare into eternity
Let my mind become a wave upon the sea
And then I race across the galaxy
Far away beyond reality
To a world where you care for me
-The Orion Experience

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comp Media Midterms and Ponokoooooo

Hey lovers.

Finally finished!!!

Doing the background in vectors was really tedious. If you zoom in and look at all the leaves/flowers/branches, they're all individually drawn. It was so frustrating at first because I had been sitting in class for 3 hours, but after stopping and going throughout the rest of the week, it got easier. Plus, on the right side I just copied and pasted what I had for the left and adjusted it. I think the peach turned out pretty well- not as smooth as Stuart Stein's flower but I still liked.

I don't know how I feel about the fonts... I'll probably come back and look at it later to see what I wanna do about it. I chose Georgia because... obviously- Georgia peaches. And I chose Okkervil because I'm obsessed with a couple of Okkervil River's songs right now- It Ends With A Fall and Okkervil River Song. I tried to get Christine and Paul to help me think of a peach company name haha but they didn't seem appropriate so I went with Perfectly Plump.

These are my other 2 projects that I'm turning in for my project. I hate the text because it seems so cheesy but Stuart wanted them.


This is my pop up lighting project for Jewelry/Metals. They're Illustrator drawings, and I sent them this past Monday to to be laser cut from a light blue tinted acrylic plate. I'm really excited about how this is gonna turn out, except it cost me $58.57 so I almost passed out hah. I decided to just add those last pieces for the hell of it just to have something made and not waste that whole corner of the material. I hope all the measurements turned out correctly- I went over it a million times so it should be fine.

It's really difficult to explain how it'll all fit together so I'll just put a picture up when it's finished.

I made that Green Lantern symbol for Sam, an anchor for me and Allison, Kelsey's name for her, and that bird for moi.


Pre-Halloween was mad fun. :) I loved my costume, I've been dying to do that since I was in 6th grade. I wish I had some feather headpiece though. And a bigger necklace. And gloves and a cigarette holder stick thing. Hah I still got this weekend.

Some of my fav pictures of the night.

a. The sweetie and me! She helped me last semester with my final Design project. I wish she went to Towson.
b. The bestie (Sam) and me

It's beautiful outside today.


These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it

New York, New York

I wanna wake up in a city
That doesn't sleep

And find I'm king of the hill

Top of the heap

-Cat Power

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo Shoot Numero Uno!

Hey lovers.

Wowwww I'm actually doing pretty well keeping up with this. In fact, I've had to keep myself from updating too much. Usually, my blogs don't last more than a week or so. The first one I ever made is the only one I still keep up with. I've had that one for 6 years- since the beginning of 8th grade.

Anyways, I've come back to my first love because I've got myself one of the best models I've ever worked with. Sam!!! :) I haven't had so much fun doing a shoot since as long as I can remember. He's so photogenic too, so it's perfect.

I'm working on some secret projects that I wanna show Sam when I'm done. They're not huge but I found some really great stuff on Abduzeedo (my absolute favorite design website) that I really want to try so I got Sam to model for me and it was hella fun. :) Although today I almost got ran over by a car on Burke/Bosley next to my dorm under the bridge because I'm really stupid haha

Here's a preview with some of my favorite pictures. I'm trying not to give too much up hah

I love this one even though its out of focus. It's 100% natural and I LOVE that! I still might use this but I really really love this photo.

This one turned out fantastic. I tried to resist the urge to photoshop it... but alas I failed haha. But all I did was pop the blue drink a bit. We said that the reflection in the sunglasses looked like it had a western landscape.

Which reminds me, I completely forgot to do that photo today when we were outside. Another thing I gotta remember especially since it's going to be beautiful and sunny tomorrow.

So I powder-coated my wire sculpture. :) Finally finished!

I'm not entirely happy with it but I still like it which, as everyone knows, is saying a lot because this is one of the first things I actually liked that I made. The first thing would be that bracelet I made. I took a picture of it today in the display case but I didn't like the photo so I'm just gonna chill till we get it back.

Some of my welds melted through... so I have broken welds which I hate, and really bulky welds which I really hate, and bulky broken welds which I hate the most. Haha but what can ya do. I was out of time- I had to go to powder-coat it at 2:30. I was between black and red... I figured red would be more interesting and appropriate to the dress. I also welded a ring at the bottom unlike last time. And added some more dimensionality to the top part of the dress because it felt really flat so everyone suggested I do something with that.

Anyways, powder-coating was easy. I had to scrub the wire really well so the powder would stick, and I sprayed it with powder and let it bake for like 20 minutes. Now it's nice and glazed-looking.

Alright, bedtime baby.

I'll probably be back Sunday, Nellie's having a Halloween party Saturday night so I'm actually getting out! Costumes are fun!! I get to be so creative in something I'm good at for once hah and I'm gonna make my own jewelry for my flapper costume so hollaa.


You went into the kitchen cupboard
Got yourself another hour
And you gave half of it to me
-Regina Spektor

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey lovers.

Like always... I should be going to sleep. I have Jewelry/Metals tomorrow but I haven't gotten the chance to update yet.

Oh so this past weekend, my sister Cecilia said she was at Paper Moon!! They're not open 24-7 anymore :( Go figure with the economy. I haven't been there since like 9th grade with Morg, Rowell, Cecilia, and whoever else it was. It reminds me of someone's jumbled up attic and I absolutely loved the air. I think Cecilia wants to take me and Jane there, and then to the wine bar this weekend. But I think I'm going to visit Lindsey with Alex and Sam.

Anyways, I was thinking of that because...

...Sam told me about this really cool studio exhibition that I wish I could have gone to. I think it was like School 33 or something. His mom (Anita hahaha I love Anita!) told him about it. Anyways, he said that it was pretty much just open studios leased out to people who probably just finished grad school or something, just a few years older so they're fresh on what we're learning. And it's pretty cool, Sam showed me some of their stuff and gave me the card for one of the girl's installation art that I REALLY liked. Everything was painstakingly made out of staples... I'll have to google her later.

I wish I could go to more of this stuff but it's hard to get around.

So, I finally finished my maquettes for my lighting project in Jewelry.

This was my first one. I ended up absolutely hating it because it looked too clich├ęd and just not too interesting. I mean this picture makes it look alright hah but once I have it cut in the clear blue acrylic... I don't think I'd like it.


I liked this one a lot more. It'll look so much better in acrylic. It just kinda looks like a box right now. But I decided that I'll probably end up angling the outer pieces labeled 2, 3, and 4. And on the front, I'll have 2 panels that can slide. Sam helped me figure that out. I'm so excited!

For comp. media:

The top is the grid outline of the peach I made.
Then the second picture, on the left is the peach that I recreated to mimic the vintage fruit labels we're trying to make. The right peach is my reference. I love the shadow! Hah but it's not quite done yet... I keep going back to tweak it.
The third picture has my reference on the left- the right is the blocking I'm doing for that photo, kinda like the Amelia Earhart one but with more colors.

Alright, before I pass out...


I think that I would like to invite everyone I've known dead and alive
To a street where we can be, totally free
They will come in droves
Wearing their hearts on their sleeves but oh!
How good it felt to have them worn just like they should
-Jukebox The Ghost


Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the Event of a Creative Block...

Hey lovers.

...blogging is good. Imabigdork. I can't concentrate on what I want to do for my Jewelry/Metals project.

I spent a good amount of time on this one. For Intro to Comp. Media, we had to take a photo and block out the 3 basic shades of gray in a different color. I don't know what you'd call that- I'm sure there's some technical term.

In any event, here's what happened.

In the second one, the colors were way too high in contrast, and I blocked out more information than I should have. I noticed that- however, Sam was the one to suggest that I change the color or the shades. It turned out great! I hated it at first until then. And I decided not to go into too much detail with the shirt because it would have been too distracting.

I've been brainstorming for literally hours- since probably about 3PM today, trying to figure out what to do for my pop-up lighting project. The idea is to have a flat-pack product, and we're using to have pieces laser cut. It's really a lot of fun and I'm really excited. And it's really getting expensive. Oh well, I won't get much more of an opportunity when I really get into my digital classes.

So basically, just think of MIO's Bendant Lamp. And Ikea's Knappa lamp. The pieces will come flat and can be put together. My project can't exactly be manipulated because of the constraints of the materials I wanna use (acrylic, maybe delrin). However, I've started considering felt. Which sounds very arts-and-craftsy, but if I can get the idea down...

Sketches later!

She could paint the sweetest pictures
All that were all animated by contaminated lies
Before you knew it you were missing
Find yourself whispering her name
Playing all her games
I’m not the only one who wants to get away
It’s too easy just to stay
-The Gabe Dixon Band