Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey lovers.

Like always... I should be going to sleep. I have Jewelry/Metals tomorrow but I haven't gotten the chance to update yet.

Oh so this past weekend, my sister Cecilia said she was at Paper Moon!! They're not open 24-7 anymore :( Go figure with the economy. I haven't been there since like 9th grade with Morg, Rowell, Cecilia, and whoever else it was. It reminds me of someone's jumbled up attic and I absolutely loved the air. I think Cecilia wants to take me and Jane there, and then to the wine bar this weekend. But I think I'm going to visit Lindsey with Alex and Sam.

Anyways, I was thinking of that because...

...Sam told me about this really cool studio exhibition that I wish I could have gone to. I think it was like School 33 or something. His mom (Anita hahaha I love Anita!) told him about it. Anyways, he said that it was pretty much just open studios leased out to people who probably just finished grad school or something, just a few years older so they're fresh on what we're learning. And it's pretty cool, Sam showed me some of their stuff and gave me the card for one of the girl's installation art that I REALLY liked. Everything was painstakingly made out of staples... I'll have to google her later.

I wish I could go to more of this stuff but it's hard to get around.

So, I finally finished my maquettes for my lighting project in Jewelry.

This was my first one. I ended up absolutely hating it because it looked too clich├ęd and just not too interesting. I mean this picture makes it look alright hah but once I have it cut in the clear blue acrylic... I don't think I'd like it.


I liked this one a lot more. It'll look so much better in acrylic. It just kinda looks like a box right now. But I decided that I'll probably end up angling the outer pieces labeled 2, 3, and 4. And on the front, I'll have 2 panels that can slide. Sam helped me figure that out. I'm so excited!

For comp. media:

The top is the grid outline of the peach I made.
Then the second picture, on the left is the peach that I recreated to mimic the vintage fruit labels we're trying to make. The right peach is my reference. I love the shadow! Hah but it's not quite done yet... I keep going back to tweak it.
The third picture has my reference on the left- the right is the blocking I'm doing for that photo, kinda like the Amelia Earhart one but with more colors.

Alright, before I pass out...


I think that I would like to invite everyone I've known dead and alive
To a street where we can be, totally free
They will come in droves
Wearing their hearts on their sleeves but oh!
How good it felt to have them worn just like they should
-Jukebox The Ghost


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