Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo Shoot Numero Uno!

Hey lovers.

Wowwww I'm actually doing pretty well keeping up with this. In fact, I've had to keep myself from updating too much. Usually, my blogs don't last more than a week or so. The first one I ever made is the only one I still keep up with. I've had that one for 6 years- since the beginning of 8th grade.

Anyways, I've come back to my first love because I've got myself one of the best models I've ever worked with. Sam!!! :) I haven't had so much fun doing a shoot since as long as I can remember. He's so photogenic too, so it's perfect.

I'm working on some secret projects that I wanna show Sam when I'm done. They're not huge but I found some really great stuff on Abduzeedo (my absolute favorite design website) that I really want to try so I got Sam to model for me and it was hella fun. :) Although today I almost got ran over by a car on Burke/Bosley next to my dorm under the bridge because I'm really stupid haha

Here's a preview with some of my favorite pictures. I'm trying not to give too much up hah

I love this one even though its out of focus. It's 100% natural and I LOVE that! I still might use this but I really really love this photo.

This one turned out fantastic. I tried to resist the urge to photoshop it... but alas I failed haha. But all I did was pop the blue drink a bit. We said that the reflection in the sunglasses looked like it had a western landscape.

Which reminds me, I completely forgot to do that photo today when we were outside. Another thing I gotta remember especially since it's going to be beautiful and sunny tomorrow.

So I powder-coated my wire sculpture. :) Finally finished!

I'm not entirely happy with it but I still like it which, as everyone knows, is saying a lot because this is one of the first things I actually liked that I made. The first thing would be that bracelet I made. I took a picture of it today in the display case but I didn't like the photo so I'm just gonna chill till we get it back.

Some of my welds melted through... so I have broken welds which I hate, and really bulky welds which I really hate, and bulky broken welds which I hate the most. Haha but what can ya do. I was out of time- I had to go to powder-coat it at 2:30. I was between black and red... I figured red would be more interesting and appropriate to the dress. I also welded a ring at the bottom unlike last time. And added some more dimensionality to the top part of the dress because it felt really flat so everyone suggested I do something with that.

Anyways, powder-coating was easy. I had to scrub the wire really well so the powder would stick, and I sprayed it with powder and let it bake for like 20 minutes. Now it's nice and glazed-looking.

Alright, bedtime baby.

I'll probably be back Sunday, Nellie's having a Halloween party Saturday night so I'm actually getting out! Costumes are fun!! I get to be so creative in something I'm good at for once hah and I'm gonna make my own jewelry for my flapper costume so hollaa.


You went into the kitchen cupboard
Got yourself another hour
And you gave half of it to me
-Regina Spektor

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