Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pendant Review.

Hey lovers.

I do this all the time. I plan and plan and get really excited about something and I'm never completely satisfied with my work haha. (Although this time for my last project I swear I think I'll actually really like it.)

Title: The Beginning to the End
Dimensions: 2.5" x 2" x 0.5"
Materials: Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver

Etching (underneath)
Fumed Ammonia on copper centerpiece


You can't see it but in the first picture, you can slide the cover off and there's an etching that has the word "Adventure" in Mandarin Chinese.

Each part of the pendant symbolizes a stage of Cecilia's relationship with James. The pierced flower represents the beginning when he brought her flowers almost everyday, the chased and repousséd rings represent their current engagement, and the etching in the middle says "adventure" about their future in Chinese because they are moving to Taiwan in June 2010.

One thing that I would like to have improved would be the rivet. The day before finishing the project, the top rivet fell apart (and I suspect it was because I re-patinated after the rivet was in) so I had to redo it and rush.

As per review by Becca Haviland...

The images relate and each part of the pendant works in unity. Equal emphasis is put on each part. The patina is still not entirely consistent even after the re-patination. The etch could be cleaner. The cut of the flange is clean.

I got a jump start on my last project. Not so much a jump start as an advantage thanks to Elise who stayed in the studio this past Monday 2 and a half hours longer. I got SO much done that night that I was able to take a break for my lovely best friend's birthday!! :) I love you Meg Tully!

Project 3: Fabricating a Hollowform

First one is gonna be a pendant. It's based on the Art Deco movement, mirroring a door design. I'll have to find that picture again.

The second one is a ring, to mirror the Art Nouveau movement. I'm also making a pendant but I haven't started that yet- I'd like to completely finish out the ring and pendant before I do another pendant, just to be sure I have something to show hahah

Outside Projects

Not so much a project as a thing I threw together while I was waiting for my chain to pickle (from Project 2, the pendent).

I started cutting these pieces out over winter break and put it together a month or so into this semester. Just gotta polish.

I gotta figure out what to do about the chain/attachment.

I'm lamenting over the fact that I will not have a studio to work in ALL SUMMER. WHAT am I going to do.

I need to buy a torchhh


I also would kill to take Enameling or Metalsmithing (to learn casting) but sjskjfsjklfs 1, too much extra work that would not count for my major and 2, Enameling has not been offered in a long time.

Whaaaaaaat am I gonna do without the studio??


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random things i wanna make/buy

$7.50... maaaaybe?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 4: Fabricating a Hollow Form and Stone Setting

Hey lovers.

I don't have much time; I'm trying to get to sleep early.

-Choose an art period as an influence
-Incorporate the use of a hollow form
-Incorporate stone setting into the design


I just thought that last one was really awesome.

Art Nouveau much?

Pictures of dinky maquettes later. I think I inhaled too much acrylic dust from my hour of sawing and drilling.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Business Time.

Hey lovers.

I lied. I'm so bad at keeping up these days. But here goes.

Again, I have been unbelievably busy. I have successfully dragged my out for the first night since the one week after the snow storm. So it's been over a month since I really hung out with Meg, that one girl I live with and see every single day. Hahah unbelievable. I had gone out twice before, when I went to visit Will in DC and to Loch Raven but that was it.

I am not a very brave soul when it comes to painting. I try to push the shadows but at the moment I'm painting, I'm thinking "wait... thats TOO much." And upon looking at it later, I'm thinking "you can barely tell." Ah, I am not a painter at all. I have another painting I actually ended up liking but they're in the studio/hallway.

All of these are VERY old, from the first two weeks of the semester. I just haven't had time to grab the other paintings to photograph and upload.

These are the sketches I made up over spring break for my pendant. The shape took over a more teardrop shape rather than a simple circle. The center piece is going to be copper with a turquoise patina. GORGEOUS color!

I had issues with the patina for about a week or so. The patina managed to bulk up at the bottom of the piece so I suspended it horizontally. For a week, it kept coming out chunky and I could not figure out why.

Then I found a jug of ammonia at work and went to town. I poured out the old ammonia which had turned blue, finding that that was the trouble. I had dropped my piece in the ammonia a few times which contaminated it, so now with a fresh batch of ammonia, my piece is well on its way.

The first one here was taken with a yellow light so it looks better than that. It still looks a little spotty so I'll probably seal the other side (since it looks like it'll be perfect) and redo it.

In between waiting for my metal to arrive, I worked on a ring and locket. It turned out pretty well. The locket isn't entirely clean in terms of soldering and I just learned a new technique I could retry the locket on (scoring and bending metal) so I might do it over the summer if I can save up for a torch and pickle supplies.

I was going to do the other pieces in silver but as it turns out, the cost would have been about 60 dollars which made my heart jump. Nickel silver was 15 dollars for twice the amount. I've been so worried about money that I just had a dream (during my accidental 5 hour nap after a long day of work) that I just kept finding money everywhere. And instead of dreaming about going on a shopping spree, I thought to myself, "well, now I can pay for school next semester!"

Funny what priorities will be established, even in dreams.

Speaking of priorities, my grades currently look like this: A A A A A

It's damn well pleasing to know that busting my ass for the past month and some has paid off and I could not be happier! I did sacrifice my social life but I came here to learn and it's not like I'm not having fun anyway. I actually have ended up liking my Modern Design art history class, I'm warming up to Chinese art history, and as always, I love jewelry/metals. Painting is only fun because I love Paul Jeanes.

I have had dreams (and these dreams tend to be quite realistic in terms of subject) where I seriously consider switching my major to something in metals. I put so much more time into it than my regular classes. But as much as I love it, I know I don't really have the creativity or skill to make it my major. However, who says I can't still do it on the side? And if I was wrong and it turns out I do have some good products, then so be it. I'll go from there. I just can't really abandon something that I had been in love with.

Who knows. We'll find out at one point or another.

And if we're going to be honest, my passion is completely in music. I would give up everything to go follow Jamie Cullum for the rest of my life. But ah, realistically, the chances of following him on his tour or any other band I'd really like are much lower than I'd like to say hahah

Well, my direction now just as great for me.

And OH! I had a post lost in the mix back during spring break, when I actually did talk about ideas for my pendant before I even drew it I think. So I'm slipping that back in a post before this.


You and you glance
Make this romance
Too hot to handle.
Stars in the night
Blazing their light
Can't hold a candle
To your razzle-dazzle.
"Old Devil Moon" cover by Jamie Cullum

Is it awkward that I'm literally addicted to him?