Monday, August 30, 2010

Design + Social Entrpreneurship / JIII. The Beginnings.

Hey lovers.

Week one of classes begin. I've already found myself drowning in coursework, work-work, and various other obligations/and otherwise. But I've jumped on top of things and hopefully I'll stay there.

Design + Social Entrpreneurship

I usually absolutely hate posting so many pictures in one entry, because it elongates my posts to ridiculous lengths but I don't know how to block them the way I did on my Xanga. So I made them tinier. Haha.

Social Issues: Photographic documentation

obesity/overweight, or generally just bad eating
transportation (public)
vandalism... or public art??
clashing of religions and beliefs
national security
recycling (of course)

What IS social design? I went into this class blindly, just because Jan suggested I do, and because it's a requirement. So I didn't really think about what social design was. Last week's class prompted that I do. And so here it is.

It's everything, really. Anything that everyone encounters on a daily (or maybe almost daily) basis that poses as a confrontation, problem, or anything of the like whether it be as severe as the lack of water, nutrients, etc... or as trivial as a little vandalism. (Which, as shown, could be spun to be spicy art?) Most of these social issues don't really draw alarms until you step outside of your nice little home with mom and pop, stocked with food and clothes and the car keys they'll use to take you to school and such. When I spent a couple of weeks 2300 miles away from home this summer, I realized the extent of all this.

Granted, I still had my cash I had saved up and a handy little bit of plastic on call, but I noticed how frivolous I had to be to avoid over spending, and I learned the very frustrating evils of public transportation.

I also learned how expensive eating healthy is- AKA, not eating Taco Bell and Burger King every day. Ugh.

So for my NY Times excerpt, I read this article about online tracking. Not the illegal or creepy type, but the advertising type. You'll click on something you're interested in but then opt out; that particular item will start following you in various other ads. It's like when you "like" something on Facebook- come to find that on your right sidebar, there are ads suggesting, "TRUE BLOOD FAN?" ..."Why yes, I am! I really am!"

I haven't experienced it to the extent that the woman in the article did, but it's a strange new tactic. Sometimes, I find it helpful because that's how I found out about this contest to go to see my favorite band, among other things. But I dunno, it's just something to think about.

Jewelry / Metals III: Containers.

I went more in the direction of thinking, what is not a box, but still contains something in an area?

Friday, August 6, 2010

All Kinds of Time.

...That's what it felt like, anyways. Until this month started and reminded me that summer is NOT endless.

Hey lovers.

I hate tuition time. It's when my parents and I butt heads about deadlines and the like. I'm pretty much learning all this on my own, with help from Morgan. So let's hope it all works out. I know it's my third year but ahhh so many factors are affecting my tuition.

I got my electronic bill reminder the second day in California. I remembered to send Oak Crest my schedule so that they could process my scholarship but ahhh, I just love how slow they work sometimes. However, since I was in Cali from the 14th (the bill came on the 15th) till the 28th, I had less than a week (4 business days) to figure all this shit out. And my mom was out of town so it wasn't like I could get her to help me, even though there wasn't much she could do.

But, Morgan saved the day.

So hopefully all goes well, and my papers will be processed by the 16th because that's when my classes will be dropped. Well, the two that are left. Funny. It's because I changed my major.

I was dumb and tried to add classes after dropping them a day after my bill due date... they wouldn't let me add anything now, so I look like a part-time student. I hope to god that won't affect my financial aid. But they should have already processed it by now, and I informed them that I was going to be a full time student.

I hate all of that.

Anyways, I finally officially changed my major! I've been so happy since I actually started doing it. I feel so much more excited about it than my previous major. I can't see myself sitting in front of a computer for 4 hours every class. That would kill me. And I dunno, Sam seems so much more passionate about it than I ever was, so I decided maybe I should take a step back and look at what makes me as happy as he is.

Turns out, it was jewelry/metals. Duh. Anna hit me up Monday night to come to the studio on Wednesday. Even though I was committed to going to this party Tuesday night, I was stoked. I didn't sleep very much at all... I was in bed at 4, and woke up at 9:30. But I took a really long nap Tuesday night so I was still relatively well rested.

Anyways, I came in and it felt fabulous to see familiar faces and a familiar setting :) There was Anna, Megan (Dattoria), Rachel, Amy, and Janet!!! I love Janet like you wouldn't believe. I hate that I probably won't have her again. And I finally formally met Jan! Ahhhh after talking a bit to her, I was completely psyched. I went home and told the world about how I had finally done it.

So I took advantage of this time to finally make a new band for my shitty ring that I've been wearing since the beginning of the summer. The band for the stone was no more than an eighth of an inch, so it was flimsy and easily bent and dented. And in my rush at the end (because I was rushing to get to the financial aid office), I melted the piece that the stone was set in. Ugh. I'm so mad at myself for that.

And yet again, I've taught myself a lesson (I seem not to have learned) that you can never ever ever ever ever rush work. Because for someone like me, I'll know and I'll never be completely satisfied. And don't skimp on materials. Even if you are a poor college student.

But I'm pretty satisfied with the side design. I just wish I had more silver so I could make the band a bit thicker, but I'm gonna work harden it when I'm done and polish it nice and shiny :) And sand/file the edges to a nice, subtle, beveled finish.

And that would be evidence of my mistake of rushing. Augh. Whatever. I also think I made the band kind of tight but I can probably put it on another finger. Or it'll fit perfect when winter comes around and my hands aren't as swollen from the heat.

And I don't believe I've ever shown my hinge. It was the sample... piece of crap because I really just wanted to get that out of the way so I could start on my final project from last semester. It looks perfect on one side but when you flip it over and see the crap solder and odd hinge fold... hahah.

This semester I'm definitely going to try, use, and master the hinge that Rachel taught me to use. Like the legit hinges you find on your door, except in miniature.

Rachel told me Amy would be in the studio all the time and that I should go in. I probably will after I get moved in next week, but as of now I have to deal with the tuition and my apartment. And last minute friend-hangouts.

Oh, since this jewelry based... I finally bought a new necklace that I think I love as much as my necklace I took a picture of in the banner up above. I've had the one in the banner since about 10th grade.

Lazy. I'm done.