Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonjour, bonjour.

Hey lovers.

Well, here we go again. I'm giving this another shot. I do keep up with a private blog almost religiously, but the other public blogs I've had haven't been nearly as alive as my first one.

After some searching, I decided to start another one, especially since I've been such a busy little bee this semester. Especially in art. Compared to last semester, at least. So, while I munch on my dinner here,

(Pierogies, shrimp, green beans, scallops, with a hearty serving of sour cream. :) I love the Polish)... I'll begin.

So Jewelry and Metals I at Towson University would be the first 3D studio class that I really enjoy. In fact, I love it. I've had a lot of moments where I want to be brave enough to say I'd like to change my major hah but oh, my more sensible side tells me not to. I do want to select a minor though... More on that later.

Anyways, I finished my wire project. Transformation??

The first picture is of my maquette, the second is halfway through my project, and the last is the finished product. I welded steel wire pieces together... not much else to explain hah. I used an oxy-acetylene torch... sounds cooler than it is haha. It was so much fun though! This is the second project we've done. The first one was a bracelet I made out of brass, but I don't have the finished product because it's on display somewhere in the CFA.

Next semester, I'm going to be taking pretty much all art classes. I don't know yet, I still have to figure out what to do about studying abroad. I'm going to do that with Sam Bass, my best friend and my major buddy! :) We're going to go to London for a semester in the fall. I would LOVE to go to Australia or somewhere beautiful with beaches but hey, London is nice too. Plus, Mama says we might be traveling Europe and Australia in a couple of years so who knows?

Sam and I are also going to take a two week long trip to California. Hopefully. If living accommodations allow us. We're going just to explore and have fun and visit grad schools. I'm really excited!!! I'm dying to go traveling and do new things! I want to go on a trip to New York, I really wanna get into art even more. Previously, I've been a poor excuse for an art major. But I don't know, art just seems a million more fun. I'm also in love with music. I never really put two and two together- I should definitely let music start being my muse for my art. I mean I had that one drawing that turned out fantastically freshman year in Drawing I with Paul Jeanes.

I wish I knew where that was. :(

I write way too much. Hah I should start writing again. But this semester has been wreaking havoc on my free time. I need to get out and about!

I have to study for Geology. And sleep. And go to class from 11- 5. And have dinner with Kels and Michael. And go to the lecture. And have a little Oak Crest reunion with Matt.

I gotta remember to add in my photography work so far that I've done with Alex's camera and my comp. media stuff here. Not till Friday though! I'm busy busy busy!

There's a girl that you might know
She's a friend at least I tell you so
But it might surprise you to find
There's something going on behind the door
-The Ditty Bops


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