Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too Long.

Hey lovers.

Ehh. Not the greatest night. Anyways, I've been all too busy to update this in the past couple of weeks.

So I got my Ponoko project:

Honestly, it sucked hah I don't like it. The hanging pieces are too far apart, a tiny piece snapped, and I forgot to make one of the hanging pieces longer.

I wish I could redo it but it was so expensive.

Spot Sam's Green Lantern symbol? :) And my anchors, and Kelsey's name, and my bird?

And as for my tea infuser? SO difficult. I made a cone which was apparently, the hardest shape to make, and I don't think anyone could appreciate that until they do it themselves hah. The tip had to be hammered together to be soldered but that was really difficult because it was so tiny so the seam was hard to get together at the tip.

But here it is. Unsoldered. Except you can't tell.

I had a different idea in mind... I wanted the bottom to be a dome, and I wanted the cone to be skinnier, taller, and generally more sleek but in the interest of time, I'm glad I didn't do it because that would have been next to impossible. A wide cone was hard enough.

Oh well. I had my experience and learned things. I still have to figure out HOW that bottom is gonna be tension fitted to the lid. GSHFdjkgh

In other news, I woke up this morning to an absolutely gorgeous sunrise, made 3 dozen cookies and about a hundred or whatever candies for the women I work with.

This was definitely a learning process too, to say the least. Good lord, it took me hours! I was working on it from 5 to almost 10. But I LOVED it, I really missed working in my kitchen, my mom can definitely tell you that.

I hope tomorrow's morning is as beautiful as today's was. :) It really got me up and around this morning. I made coffee.

Bed time. I have lots to do tomorrow. I gotta do my Rhino design of my ring, clean up my room (which would be the upstairs living room and kitchen hahah), and try to clean up my real room before break.

I don't want this semester to end, it's been all too wonderful. I've met so many great people and gotten close to so many friends. I don't want to lose touch with people I've met just because we're not in class together anymore. Well, I'm definitely gonna try to hang on. Some people are too wonderful and intriguing to let slip away. :)


I'll make you mixtape that's a blueprint of my soul
It may sound grand but babe it's all you need to know

I'll make you a mixtape that will charm you into bed
It details everything that's running 'round my head

Fondling record and play

Without you it's records night and day

This ain't no disc of MP3's

This one's handmade, fashioned lovingly

Plant the rhythm in your bones

You're the only angel in headphones
My love can paint a million tones

From Nine Inch Nails to Louis Armstrong

So resurrect your stereo
And the swathes of melodies will flow
Thelonious, Maurizio
I tell you babe it will make my heart glow
-Mixtape, Jamie Cullum

He writes some of the most amazing lyrics I've ever heard/I'll ever hear. This is probably one of my favorites by him.

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