Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Spray of DNA Keeps the Robbers Away

A Spray of DNA Keeps the Robbers Away

Via NY Times

In the Netherlands, Rotterdam has created a system to spray robbers with a specificly engineered DNA to set them apart from everyone. If the cashiers suspect that people are stealing, they can activate the system by removing a 10 euro bill from a money clip behind the cash register. This was developed for the McDonalds somewhere in that town.

Every single day its something new. The idea is pretty simple, really. How else could you mark someone in your store, that would follow them for a good distance? You can't throw electronic trackers on them, that would be too big or too expensive. The DNA mist is odorless and weightless. However, the owners of the McDonalds mention that their main goal is not to catch but to prevent. Apparently, it's been working well lately. Prevention, that is. The box is pretty noticeable and they threw a blaring sign up next to the door.

This is just another one of those things that reminds me of how ridiculous the world is. How we have to resort to more ideas (although ingenious) on how to catch or prevent crimes... at McDonalds. So it's kinda like, "Cool!!! More ways to stop the 50 billion criminals (and counting!) out there!"

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