Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hatch Collective.

Just real quick, a little time lapse video of what Sam and I did (more/most kudos to Sam) freshman year. We talked to the cop that stopped by for a few minutes about how he liked it and thought it was cool, until he found out we were doing it just for fun... and then he kicked us off.

This was over the course of 45 minutes, I think. It's been awhile; I'm not really sure.

I was gonna make this big fancy video because I remembered how much I loved video/audio editing :) But it is 3AM. I'll probably be up for another hour on this 15 second shot if I let myself play.

Social Disconnect.

The purpose of this whole project for Design and Social Entrepreneurship is to bring attention to and in small ways, end social disconnection. I'll be the first to admit, my iPod is never out of my reach, and I can't walk 5 minutes without listening to music.

It's not because I don't want to interact with people, I am just literally addicted to music. Not necessarily the worst thing to be addicted to, but I could stand to break it. I do smile at people I pass that manage to make eye contact with me on campus, and while I'm at home, I make it a point to say a bold "hello" that god forbid others would say.

Drew's first project was to draw attention to social disconnect and create a break in daily routines of running between buildings, while being engrossed in phones or iPods. He was rather successful, and got more than he expected with "Thank you(s)" and "Can I try?(s)"

So here we go. Each person in the group is designing their own bird to have laser cut (which we'll be doing tomorrow) and we're going to have our own personal stencil to put up a big installation on an undisclosed place. :) Laser cutting is tomorrow, installation is Thursday.

I got the first one from Brianna- check out her blog. I don't wanna pull them all from her, but these are definitely some good ones.

"I don't much care for people. My driveway is 1/4 mile long. The only people back here are those delivering something, those who are utterly lost and those looking to get into trouble. I do not relate well with others, nor do I care to try. In a crowd or among others, I am "inept," don't kibitz well, misunderstand cues, signals and clues. I am basically, socially dysfunctional. I relate well with my animals. I then, have a social disconnect"
-Yahoo search on social disconnect

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