Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey lovers.


In accordance with my Design and Social Entrepreneurship class.

Anyways, I saw this picture on one of the side panel ads of Facebook once, and it caught my eye again as I was reading some articles on the NY Times.

I always wonder if this is going to happen to one of my pictures hah. Maybe not Japanese cartoons and toys like this kid but somehow, I'll find it in a really weird (or awesome) place.

Yes. Or no?

"While it has its glorious moments, the computational perspective can at times be uniquely unromantic.

Nothing kills music for me as much as having some algorithm calculate what music I will want to hear. That seems to miss the whole point. Inventing your musical taste is the point, isn’t it? Bringing computers into the middle of that is like paying someone to program a robot to have sex on your behalf so you don’t have to." (Jaron Lanier)

Technology has been a huge help. Or has it? Well, yes, it has, but it's been enabling us to access things easier. Which sounds like a great thing, because it helps things speed along and of course that's all we're going for these days (*DROOG!*) I'll admit, I don't take time to do anything at all anymore because well, I HAVE NO TIME. School has consumed my life. The only thing I take time to do is to cook. I'll spend anywhere between an hour to three hours just cooking, and eat it within a half hour.

But that's (completely) beside the point. I speed things along. So does everyone else in the world. Jaron Lanier brings up a fabulous and very relevant point, as I try desperately to write my paper. Imagine life before Google. Before you could quickly search all related websites, essays, articles, etc... on Google, what did you do to write your paper? You're sitting there with a million resources at your fingertips, so you take bits and pieces of each one to write "your" paper, which is really now all of "theirs." When did you last just sit and write it all up on your own, with a blank slate?

Now in some instances, yes, the assignment would require you to utilize outside books, but how about trying the library? Where you actually have to read the materials, and you can't hit "Command+F" or "Ctrl+F" to find key words? I'm guilty of doing many of my past papers sans-library. But I figure I'm still learning, so what's the harm? It depends on the subject, I suppose.

Lanier says "The problem is that students could come to conceive of themselves as relays in a transpersonal digital structure." Yeah, that could be true in some instances. I do just "relay" information in papers for certain classes that I don't give a shit about, but for the ones that I actually care about and will apply, I ingest the information and actually interpret what I learned. Like History of Modern Design last semester. I actually really loved that class. It was an online class which you might think would make me even less interested because I can just hammer out papers before the due date and not really let the information sit in my head, but I honestly loved that class (and didn't sell my books back!) so I didn't just relay information through and to my 12 page papers every few weeks. I destroyed those books and loved it. I read every bit I was supposed to and didn't skim.

I guess it all depends.


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