Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stores Scramble to Accommodate Budget Shoppers

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Stores Scramble to Accommodate Budget Shoppers

For all you apartment dwellers here in Towson. And everyone else. Markets are beginning to finally catch on... I mean they always knew that everyone was struggling, especially when all people talked about last year was the crappy job employment. But with moves like this, it's becoming more noticeable. Especially to me, someone living away from home when nothing is provided for me (except laundry trips haha).

Personally, I made it a point to check the Dollar Store for apartment supplies before going to the grocery store or Target and Wal Mart. i.e. aluminum foil, trash bags, some food. Then I would hit up Wal Mart, to find that yes, several things were actually really cheap and still of good quality. Like foods. Call me frugal, but I'm only ever concerned with buying food because well that's all you really need to survive. Except metal supplies.

Wal Mart has been competing with the dollar stores and are apparently struggling to keep up because though sometimes larger quantities are cheaper in the long run, some people just don't have the money for it. I bought a lot of bulk food in the beginning of the semester that has still lasted me till now. It's just all about planning finances. I spent about 40 bucks or so on the first week and some of the semester/week before school started, and I haven't spent more than 20 bucks since then on groceries. Stores are finding that it's not entirely the lower-income class that need to shop at the dollar stores. Brands are beginning to invest in putting products into dollar stores.

So look for your Dial products in your local Dollar General!

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