Friday, September 24, 2010

oh boy.

Hey lovers.

(photo via Christine, on her camel! JEALOUS) FOLLOW HER TRAVEL BLOG! She's been to a million other places before this. I wish she had started way back when she began traveling a few years ago.

I chose this article because 1- Christine is currently in Egypt and 2- ancient Egyptian culture/history was always my favorite (and then Greek mythology). I'm always interested but not too surprised about all of the new species of animals and new crevices of the rainforest we're always finding. However when it comes to things like this, it amazes me to know that we yet to discover all of the ancient Egyptian culture. It's been around for thousands of years and we're still slowly uncovering it all. The sand is what does it best- burying and preserving life and culture. Its perfectly conducive to preservation as opposed to say, the U.S. where its a lot of dirt and dust.

The Darnells' discovery uncovered a whole community that plays into Thebes' rise. So hey, connection there from Greek to Egypt ;) Apparently it was some literal physical connection from the Kharga Oasis and Thebes, for easy transportation of goods. It will never cease to amaze me how this civilization flourished in the harsh, barren desert. Granted they had the Nile, but still, the Pyramids, the intricate architecture, all that without computers and calculators. God forbid.

I have yet to update on my Design for Production project. Who knew. Last semester I had trouble having a lot to update but now I have to update every other day.

I got my cups all cut out. And I just found out about a fresh circle cutter in 2006. Which I am privy to now that I'm in the metals club. Hotttt. No need to buy cut circles.

I'm waiting on an answer from a seller before I commit to buying jump rings because this person sells it cheaper but it's only copper plated... so I have to find out what the base metal is before I buy it. If they don't answer by tomorrow night, I'm just going to buy it from the other company because it's all pretty cheap anyway. And I found some relatively cheap silver half round wire. Actually now that I think about it, it's really cheap. I should probably go ahead and buy it.

What a fine debate. ArtFire is where I found some of my supplies.



BLAMMYS! :) Finally, 2 and a half months later.

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