Monday, September 6, 2010

"We are good people, aren't we? Do you know?"


Ceremonial Dolphin Killing

Let's be men.

I know some of the pictures are definitely enhanced for effect... but jesus.

Edible Glasses that Encourage You To Litter.

My next destination on the long list;
Pamukkale, Turkey

So all day while I was sick and lounging around (okay, for half the day when I was just lounging), I racked my brain for what I should do for my Design and Social Entrepreneurship project. As I also sat and tried to decide what new clothes to buy, I realized;

Seeing a Time When We'll All Be Dieting
via NY Times

Too perfect. Since our class last Thursday, I've been obsessing about over consumption and how unnecessary so many of the things we buy are. We have perfectly good clothes in our closet that could last us years and years but at the same time... we can't help but to keep buying. I'm so completely guilty of this. So I've been watching my spending like god knows. I still can't help it though. AUAFSGJjfgkhsd I feel guilty for getting that new cardigan already.

Anyways, just because of how much I've thought about it lately, this is what I'm going to do. The over consumption of food and clothes and oil and everything! More to come later. I've found a million articles on over consumption in America and well frankly, I'm too drained right now.


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