Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey lovers.

A phone call about finances and dues, figuring out major requirements, and all the study abroad stuff plus normal coursework for the semester hit me like a brick, and I thought I was too overwhelmed and could justify getting lazy and/or freaking out. But no, I've got a hell of a lot of fight left. I was just exhausted from a lack of sleep. I'm overwhelmed but I love it.

My hands have gone back to being dry, cracked, rough, and sore. I'm back in my element. The studio is great. I am sort of questioning taking 3 studios but it's not like I haven't done it before, and I'm still keeping up right now. I'm just having a little trouble actually seeing my roommates haha.

Study abroad... I'm a little mad about it; then again, I guess I should have taken the initiative and set a meeting before the study abroad fair, or checked up on it earlier but this semester took off faster than I could get on.

So in reference to our first Design and Social Entrepreneurship project;

For those who are still too stubborn, queasy, or rich to go with cloth diapers. I guess you can kinda help too. :)

"Two UK organizations, Versus Energy and Knowaste, think they may have found the answer for our filthy problem and is building the first ever recycling plant to get 100% of its power from dirty diapers. Now, only 2% of the overall material in a disposed diaper has organic matter in it, which will fuel the plant, so the remaining 98% will be sorted, chopped up and redistributed into other products."

We can turn poop bags into those plastic grocery bags now? (Not like I really use them, I really avoid taking them unless I bought a million things. I scold my roommates for taking plastic bags for things we can carry ourselves ;) I'm starting to consider the foil v. styrofoam boxes now.) What else can we do??

Additionally... I was looking at the "front" pages of NYtimes.com. Just thinking about those millions of campaign posters to be ditched.

(via NYtimes.com)

U.S. Zeros In on Use of Antibiotics by Pork Producers.
(via NYtimes.com)


" 'Is producing the cheapest food in the world our only goal?' asked Dr. Gail R. Hansen." It's this whole drug rampage. Drugs infiltrate our parents, our kids, and well of course, our foods. This farmer in the article is proudly injecting his pigs with antibiotics to ward off illlnesses, which is all fine and dandy for the pigs, but what about us, the consumers? The "antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including dangerous E. coli strains that account for millions of bladder infections each year, as well as resistant types of salmonella and other microbes" is a possible and rising concern as a repercussion of the use of drugs in feeding.

But back to producing cheap food. It always comes down to this-
shortcuts = cheap food = bad food. I suppose I can't blame anyone for wanting to do things the cheap way. I often do it the cheap way because well, I really can't afford it otherwise. But sometimes, you can splurge a little. I'll go for Trader Joe's (which really isn't any more expensive) or Whole foods (which really is more expensive). But come on, when you're affecting hundreds or thousands of consumers, is it really that important?

Again, I understand wanting to save money. Or not even having the money. Where can we draw the line?


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