Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break? What's that?

Really, what is it? I can only thank god that we don't have classes this week- otherwise I don't know how I'd ever finish the things I need to. In fact, I'm still not sure if I can. I spent this entire week thus far in bed recovering from my maxillofacial surgery (haha) and getting sick the very same day. I only had time to spend a day with a new friend, Johnny from Virginia, the English kid I met at Jamie Cullum's concert (phenomenal, by the way) and a day with Sam, Will, and Raimondo (Will's Italian roommate) down in D.C.

I have so much to do. School-wise, I had to memorize 50 pieces for Chinese Art (usually not too bad but considering a lot of the names are in Chinese...), do my Modern Design lectures, do 3 poster designs, and my design sketches for my pendant project.

In any case, I decided to take a break from Chinese Art and map out my pendant work.

Originally, I had these broad themes, but upon a detailed assignment briefing, I narrowed it down to two things. We are to tell a story, and thereby making this an extremely personal and narrative piece. I am in love with this project. I hope it turns out as I want it to.


Marriage- specifically my sister and James.
They are not to get married for another year or so- this summer I know James is going to formally propose. :) It would be a great piece to give to Cecilia before she leaves for Taiwan this August.
I was thinking I would start with a symbol that signifies how they met (at work, when James had just came back from China), a classic marriage symbol (bonded or connected wedding rings), and a symbol that represents what we can assume their future will be in Taiwan.
I want one side of the pendant to be how they met, the other to be their future, and hanging off would be the wedding symbol.

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