Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Field Trippin'.

Hey lovers.

Class field trip!

It was at the Baltimore Convention Center. I’m ashamed to say I don’t get downtown as often as I’d like, but I finally had a reason to. I suppose I don’t go because I never have money, and what are you going to do without money?

I picked up a load of postcards and such from a lot of different designers I liked. I loved looking at everything. It reminded me of an antiques mall. I didn’t start zoning out as I always do when I’m shopping or at a museum. It was probably because my dad sent me his coffee, and he likes his coffee super strong so I was wired for the rest of the day. Five minutes after I finished it in the car, I was shaking and had the jitters for the rest of the day. It’s 9:10 and I’m finally coming down.

In any event, these might be my favorites.

Manya and Roumen LCC
"Dove on a Walnut Branch ring"
Sterling silver, 2 emeralds, 2 rubies, gold-plating
This is my absolute favorite piece and group. There was this one woman and this man. I don't know if that would be Manya and Roumen, but in any event, Laura and I talked to them. They carve a wax figure and have it cast in whatever material they want. I looooooved the dove ring. She talked about how she had pieces carved and sent off to be cast and set in silver, and then pieces of the gold parts were put together at another location. I noticed that a lot of places would have things sent to another location to have certain things done, so it wasn't like it was all once place.

Hilary Hachey
"Avocado Cuff II"
Hand-fabricated sterling silver cuff is partially oxidized.
This one is very reminiscent of Megan's design. I had Megan Auman last semester.
I don't particularly love oxidized silver, but I really loved this design.

These spirals were on a necklace that I liked, but I couldn't find a picture of them online. It reminded me a lot of something that I saw one of the grad students (I think), Sherri, making.

Christine Simpson-Forni
"Floating Pearl Pendant"
Sterling Silver, Pearls
I liked how the gems did look like they were floating haha. I also absolutely love pearls. This looks a bit more industrial than the rest, but elegant all at the same time.

It was fantastic seeing it all because still blows my mind how these things are done by hand. I would love to learn glass blowing and however they make those Lucite jewelry pieces. I also want to figure out how exactly they get pearls and shells into some of the pieces without burning them.

I also would love to figure out how to make this ring.

I bought it at Boscov’s a few years ago, and unfortunately, it just got worn down. When the pearl popped off, I decided that was it. I probably wouldn’t be able to, considering materials haha

Seeing the show got me excited about stone setting. I can’t wait to see what I can make. And our next project will definitely be more interesting to me. I mean I like the techniques we’re learning because it’s an expansion but I want to apply it to jewelry.

I reaaaaally hope I can keep taking classes to use to the studio next semester. Bahhhh.


She's a melody
That I've tried to forget but I can't

It still follows me

When I wake in the dead of the night

And I know that I can't find
That song going round in my head

Like the last things you said

"I'm All Over It Now" - Jamie Cullum

So Kim, my mom's business partner, went to the show yesterday. I didn't realize you'd have to pay to get in for the retail show, so I'm sooooo glad we got to go. She brought back a bunch of postcards that I liked and I must have missed. I wrote them down though so I could check it out on my own. (glass jewelry, wanna learn this!!) and (vintage style beads jewelry)

I told Kim about my favorite one, the Manya and Roumen group and throughout the day I started to realize how much I loved them. I'm like half serious about buying a piece haaha except it'll have to be my wedding ring or something because I'm not made of money. hahaha good wedding ring. I love how it's a sculpture. It's definitely more art based than design based. Ahh I'm in love with it.

I wish I could go back, but I don't have a ride or anything. Allison has to work all daysies. :(


  1. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you so much for visiting our booth at the show, and for your generous compliments--we're so flattered.
    We wish you all the best with your art.
    Manya & Roumen

  2. Oh wow, thank YOU! Of course! I absolutely fell in love with your work and the story behind everything. :) Maybe we'll meet in the future!