Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Aftermath

Hey lovers.

You would never believe me if I said that I haven't had a moment long enough to update this since last time (that being February 24th). But I'm going to say it anyway.

I haven't had a moment long enough to update this since last time.

I've been to concerts (and one more tomorrow night!) and in the studio and to the doctor's (back again tomorrow morning) and to DC to visit a lovely old friend and made a lovely new friend who came all the way from Virginia to visit me. All that and projects and paintings and papers and lectures and work and searching for an additional job.

That additional job just might kill me considering what my last month has been like.

I have been working relentlessly on our most recent project. I didn't even get a chance to take pictures for the record because 1) my camera is broken and 2) I always forgot. So once I get it back, I'll probably discuss some of my favorites, and I'll have time to now that the rush of everything is finally over. Thank God.

I went to the Muse concert. 4 rows from the front. Phenomenal tech. Lights and lasers and fog and giant balloons filled with confetti. And mosh pits and screaming (my own lungs out). Words can hardly describe the tech- the lights and lasers were just as I had been dreaming of for 6 years. :)

Unfortunately not my photo. This is
photo/ He has some fabulous photos.

And just when I thought Muse couldn't be topped, I saw Jamie Cullum. I'm scared to say it but Jamie Cullum really beat out Muse. Mostly because he talked a lot to the audience and it was so intimate. I was second row. I could have touched him (but didn't, it would have been sort of awkward).

That night was absolutely perfect. Jamie Cullum is a jazz god. Hahaha. I went from alternative rock/punk/synth/metal to jazz in 4 days. It was a perfect night. I went with Lindsey, who I haven't seen in months, and I missed her so much. We caught up on a million things and it was a well-needed night. I was stressing out so much about my metals project and my paintings and I really needed to get away from it all for a few hours. I almost would have skipped out on the concert had I not already paid $30.

Jamie had such showmanship. He jumped on and off the piano, beatboxed, played the piano like a drum, jumped into the crowd, singing and dancing, tore off his suit down to his jeans and tshirt, and covered a couple of hip hop songs I didn't like and turned them into some of my favorite songs. I am so in love with him hahaha

But that night, we met Johnny Morgan. A wonderful boy who we met in the little chinese sub shop after the show. He had a rather hefty accent. He moved from Belfast 3 or 4 years ago. He was originally from England (I forgot the city), but then moved to Germany, and then Belfast before he moved to Virginia. He's high on politics and art, on theatre and literature, on jazz and musical scores, and a million other things I wish I was on. He's in high school. I never would have guessed.

We started talking because I was telling Lindsey how I really needed to get to the studio early in the morning to work on my metals project (which I didn't get to do). We ended up talking until 1 in the morning and found that the subway closed at midnight. So we took an extremely expensive cab back to Greenbelt. :( But at least we were home. I got home around 3ish and collapsed into bed by 4. And woke up at 9 again. But I woke up refreshed and energized and happy. :)

But shortly after, everything came down on me again, and for the next 2 weeks (until just today), I had tests to study for (which was the most stressful), projects to finish, papers to write, wisdom teeth to extract, eye doctors to see, and friends to see. But the friends were a rare occurrence.

I visited Will in DC, Johnny came to visit one evening, and Sam and I went to Loch Raven one afternoon (which ended up being a homework session anyway).

My life is consumed. I suppose I like being busy, but its just gotten too busy. I never see my friends from home anymore- I never hang out with my own roommates because I'm either in the studio, working, or exhausted from either one. Also, on top of it all, I've been horribly sick for over a week. I haven't been sick in years, and when I was, I'd never have to go to the doctor. Which is something I have to do tomorrow morning. I've been dragging myself through this week. Sunday, I'll get to rest. Sort of. Another painting is due.

And ahh. Guess who's back who I've run into several times now? David Page. Hahahah

This was pretty much my rambling/whining. I'll get back to business when I get my pieces back Monday, I'm assuming. And I'll have sketches of my pendant project. I'm REALLY excited about that one.

Sunday, I'll put up some photos of my paintings because I actually like some of them, as boring as they may be.


And oh. Imelda May, hailing from Dublin Ireland. A goddess. I absolutely fell in love with her when she opened for Jamie Cullum. Its not just because she's from Ireland either, because everyone knows my obsession with Ireland haha. She's a mix of Blues, Rockabilly, and Jazz. It's odd hearing this from a heavily accented Irishwoman. She has no hint of an accent in her singing.

Take your cigarettes
take your jokes,
I'll find someone else who smokes
or high
or makes me laugh
"Smoker's Song" - Imelda May

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