Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hey lovers.

I've found that I need to revise my travel list.

1. California for 2 weeks with Sam & Will C. (?)
2. New York with Sam for 5 days
3. Chicago with Will M.?
4. Australia/New Zealand for a semester (spring 2011)
5. Italy with mom and Christine in a couple of years
6. Cancun in 2 years?

A bit more realistic, I guess. Iceland was silly hah at least for now.

Will C. is leaving for New York in a couple of days. It blows that he's not coming back to Towson this semester but he's following his dream. He's doing something with film production. He might be coming back, or going to California but I think he's more likely to come back to Towson. I hope so. Sam and I might convince him to come to California with us this summer too.

We all talked about plans for the three of us hooking up in California when we graduate :) Sam and I will be doing the CGI for Will's movies. hahah

I finished my shirt. :)

It was as plain white wifebeater before but I added all that stuff for a military touch because I really love that right now hah.


There'll be no bad dreams
When you're lying next to me
I don't care about the rules
We only answer to ourselves
"Fall Awake" - The Ditty Bops

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