Saturday, January 29, 2011

Motifs of Florence! (And grafitti artistry!)

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Hey lovers.

So, I saw these all over Rome. I took pictures and I Skyped with Sam, sharing my screen so he could see them and he picked out who it was! It was the Space Invader graffiti artist.

Across from my hotel at the Hotel Palatino in Rome.

Near our hotel, while I was eating my gyro.


And of course I have to put my most favorite sculpture ever. It's like a celebrity to me. I am completely in love with it.

These are most of the motifs I've found so far.

Picture hanger. This is the Fleur-de-Lis (Florence's symbol)

Graffiti is largely incorporated into the buildings of Rome and Florence. I'm not sure if it bothers me or not. I should have taken more pictures of the graffiti; but it's early yet. I have plenty of time to take pictures. I should be going back to Rome. There's a lot more graffiti. Much of it is tagging but sometimes you'll get little pictures, and the spray painted graffiti of silhouettes. And then they play with the No Entry signs (the red ones with the white bars) to make it look like a black silhouette stick figure is carrying the white bar or the white bar is a windshield with someone driving in it.



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