Saturday, January 29, 2011

End of Semester Update: Part 1 (Works)

Hey lovers.

I failed to update ANYTHING from the last part of last semester because I was ridiculously over it haha.

This is for Design for Production;

This is my progress for the Ring Project:
The goal of the Experimental Ring Project was to hammer out 4 rings within a week, taking one form of metal and transforming it into another form. (Sheet, tube, stock, and wire)

I took a sheet of copper, hammered it upwards, pulled it through the drawplate MANY MANY times, soldered it together, and cut it up. Then I soldered my new tubes together.

I took large brass tubing and cut it down/hammered it flat, traced outlines for the layers, cut the pieces out, and soldered them together strategically so they would all be evenly heated.

I got brass and copper sheets, soldered them together to make stock, and I sanded it down. This was easy but took forever. Then I dipped it in liver of sulfur/potassium polysulfide to patina the copper.

Final Products:

Honestly, I loved the end products. I am completely proud of the end results, which is a first in all the things I've made this semester.

The next pictures were of part 4 of my last project about jazz. Still didn't love it but its better I guess. I laser cut these shapes in layers with negative spaces so that when I adhered the acrylic together, it would be hollow.

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