Monday, July 26, 2010

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

Hey lovers.

This is my second to last night in California. I had planned this almost a year ago with Sam, and it's almost over now. It's been a fabulous summer. I still have a month to go but it doesn't feel like it because I have so many deadlines and things to take care of.

Anyways, this pretty much summarizes my summer:

I made rainbow cupcakes :), went to Ocean City with my favorite family outside of my family (The Tullys! And Ian came this time), hung out with Morgan and her boyfriend Mike, my favorite Jew, and Paul, Court and Lucas :) Fabulous time.

I've also been working a LOT. YES to money.

And then here's my trip to California. Definitely an experience. Getting around without a car is HARD in Los Angeles. The bus is a necessary evil that makes trips 3 times as long, but at least it's a mode of transit. I've also confirmed that I hate LA, or most of it anyway. I do LOVE Santa Monica, which is a part of LA. And I LOVE the southern coast- Redondo Beach and Long Beach. Alex's brother lives in Redondo but obviously I didn't see him.

From left to right, top to bottom:
a. Sam and I in Hollywood, in the outdoor shopping center 4 floors up.
b. Aurelien, his brother (and also the Bradley Cooper look alike) Damien, me, Damien's roommate Matthew, and Sam. The French guys
c. Sunset in Santa Monica... BEAUTIFUL
d. Sam on the pier of Santa Monica
e. Jumping on Santa Monica beach
f. Half the reason why I love flying :)
g. On the beach in Redondo
h. Sunset again Santa Monica.

I LOVE flying. I am so obsessed with traveling now. My hopeful plans are to:
1. go on a cruise through some islands in the winter of 2010-2011
2. study abroad in Australia (I really have to work on this)
3. hit up France thanks to the French guys at the hostel in the summer of 2011
4. backpack in Hawaii with Meg in the summer of 2011
5. go to Taiwan (hoping James will get me a ticket hahah) to visit Cecilia in the summer of 2011

I will be poor. I am working my ass off. I'm hoping I can try to sell some jewelry and/or do commissions for close family and friends this semester since I can be a studio monitor.

But yes, there is absolutely nothing like flying. When we're picking up speed and taking off, my whole body is just in euphoria. I love the feeling and I can't help but smile like an idiot when I get that feeling of being pushed into my seat. And I could watch the clouds forever. I LOVE flying when it's cloudy.

I also absolutely love meeting new people. There was:
1. Jared, the Australian hitchhiking his way to Las Vegas
2. Roberto, the Chilean who was going to University of San Diego
3. Aurelien, Damien and Matthew, the French on vacation and heading back to Paris
4. Leo and Johannes, Germans on vacation
5. Ivan, the Hungarian traveling through the US
6. Dave (?) the guy from Pennsylvania (only met him for like an hour)
7. ______, the guy from Italy coming to study at the University of Southern California
8. Kristen and her boyfriend, the couple from Canada who came from Mexico... and like to shower together and sleep naked?
9. Indian guy from North Dakota... who was kind of a jerk.
10. Shivam, the 14 year old Indian who is crazy good at 3D modeling and all that jazz

I cannot wait to travel and meet the rest of the world.


I have dropped my major in digital art/design. I've been questioning myself forever since I took a jewelry/metals studio and I realized how completely unhappy I was with my first major, and I blame most of it on Towson and their bullshit pre-reqs. I really really hate those. I'm halfway into my college career and have yet to really take a class in my major. I have no patience and I've also learned I can't sit in front of a computer as long as I thought I could. Especially in class. That's the worst.

I haven't officially dropped it. I need to talk to Jan and figure out my classes and such... since I decided so late, a lot of the classes I want to take are filled up and I'm extremely nervous I won't get any. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

We'll see.

One more day, and I get to go home to my friends and see everyone in a huge get-together :)


No one makes me so weak
and appears so unique
In a cluster of freak
she is all that I seek
"She's Fantastic" by Sondre Lerche

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