Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Breeze

Hey lovers.

End of the year. Favorite pictures from the last weekend (in which I slept about 4 hours a night, on average- if I even slept).

I have this goal (in keeping with the pace of my semester that has just passed, and my summer so far,) to keep busy this summer.

I have been hanging out with friends every day. Even if we don't do anything, I get to at least see friends. Last night was mad fun.

Morg and Christine had a Memorial Day get-together and I drove to get Joe from Laurel. It was a new thing to drive that far haha. Joe and I hung out all day until people started coming over.

And the rest was history. Historical fun.

I drove Joe back around 4:30 and got home at around 6 in time for a morning run, a morning shower, and bedtime 7AM to 3PM. Good times.

So my goal as an "artist" [[I don't know why; I have trouble calling myself this]] this summer is to create something every day this summer, no matter how small. Or at least work on something.

I have multiple jewelry designs, some hair accessories to make, a tote bag to make (design sounds cooler than the cheesey vibe I'm sure its giving haha), paintings to do, and clothes to refashion.

Updates tomorrow on what may or may not be a fail hahahah

Favorite photos of the summer thus far.
New York trip
First days of Morg/Christine's apartment
First apartment party at Morg/Christine's


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