Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wake Up. ... J2 works (plus a painting)

Hey lovers.

What a semester. It was absolutely horrid for the most part, but ended beautifully and I am going to miss it like nobody's business. I'm so sorry it's over.

SOOOO many pictures, I know.

Project 1. Mechanical and Chemical surface treatments.
Copper tiles, 3" x 3". Mounted in wooden shadow boxes- painted black.
This project took the most time. I really didn't like my results until today when I mounted them, I found that I suppose I like it. I'd like to re-do some pieces but ehhhhh maybe one day when I'm really bored haha. I didn't love it too much. I liked learning new techniques but I didn't like the whole themed thing.

Project 2: Narrative Pendant
I loved my concept for it in the beginning, but I'm not happy with the way it turned out. It didn't come out as clean as I'd liked, and the whole patina thing was a mess. Also, I think I might have inhaled an unhealthy amount of nickel silver. Hahah coooool. But I did like the flange. And the chain was something I'm pretty proud of. I'd rather not have had to patina it but it looked better. I'm not the biggest fan of patinas at the moment.

Art Nouveau ring. It form fits to your other fingers when you wear it in the middle.

Art Deco box.

Project 3: Fabricating a hollow form.
We were to create a piece influenced by a specific art movement. I ended up with two because I really liked the designs. I was going to make a third, a brooch but I didn't have time. We learned how to make hinges and a clasp, and I really wanted to make a hinge although it didn't turn out as clean as I'd like it to. And I melted my brass at some point which you can only really tell when you open it up and see the patches I soldered on. The most frustrating part of this whole thing was polishing it. Sanding those corners was pure hell.

We learned stone setting at the end.

This is something I made for Morgan's birthday/my stone setting sample for class.
I started putting together a bunch more to get ready for stone setting, but the semester is over and I'm no longer allowed into the studio :(

My scrap ring! I was waiting for my work to pickle one night and decided to throw together some rings that accidentally got soldered stiff.

The beginning of another small project. It's supposed to be a coffee cup and I'm going to solder a plate to the bottom and turn it into a necklace. I'll also probably be getting some resin with Allison so I can fill it with "water." However, I hate copper so I'm gonna re-do it sometime over the summer.

Something I made for Sam- his logo. I have to polish it.

The two things I started over winter break and soldered together in February. I have to polish it (ugh I hate sanding corners, especially this small...) I am trying so hard to finish it haha but I'll get bored over the summer and want to do it.

You can't tell but I broke off one of the birds :( I have to go in tomorrow and do it before class is over!

This was my chasing and repoussé sample. I really like the way it looks- it's kind of weird. But I wanna turn it into a pendant or something.

I had this cut during the fall semester from Ponoko. I never ended up making a necklace out of it- something I want to do. I also want to make this out of brass.

NOT jewelry and metals; my painting final. I really liked the result a lot. Still some polishing to do.

I am so tired.

I also have a lot to consider, in reference to my major. I've been doing a lot of thinking that potentially messes up plans that I've made years ago for my future, and I'm a little bit scared about what will happen. A lot scared, actually. We'll see what happens. Updates after my final Tuesday night. Crit tomorrow morning in less than 6 hours.

What if you never heard a word they say,
And up were down and night were day?
I bet you'd have a lot more time to play
If you'd let yourself go

Breath deep,
Speak out,
Make up your mind,
Be brave,
Follow your dreams,
Listen to you heart,
Close your eyes,
Make a wish.

-"Wake Up" by The Ditty Bops

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